About Us


Daniel Creations LTD was founded in 1999 by Gabriel Zohar.


Since its foundation, D. Creations specialized in cutting edge and unique stone inlay,


with the highest quality on stones and diamonds.


D. Creations developed the "Invisible Inlaying", a concealed and fine inlay. 


Since 2008, the company has been cutting and inlaying stones for custom made watches & jewelry.


All of our products come with warranty certificate  and the detailed gemological information about the inlayed stones.



Infinity Cross


An amazing cross, assembled from 8 deferent stones which appears as one.


One of the stones has a laser Sculpture engraving of Jesus.


The jewel is registered as a patent in Israel, Hong-Kong and the Philippines.


Infinity Cross has two models in four sizes, and with two kinds of stones to select for the inlay.